Association Saint-Maurice d’Etudes Militaires (ASMEM) The Association Saint-Mauride d’Etdues Militaires (ASMEM) was formed in 1974. It aims at gathering and opening to the public of all kind of documents on fortifications, organization and of combat in fortified sectors. To achieve the goals of our association, the ASMEM offers its members:


    • Every two years its GENERAL MEETING, followed by a meal and a visit;


    • Every year a few days TRAVEL beyond our borders. The association strives to reach quality, comfortable transportation and hotels, great knowledge of our guides and variety of themes and countries visited;


    • Several times a year OUTPUTS / VISITS one day. These outings are very popular because of the quality of the organization, topics and guides;


    • Our annual newsletter « SERVE » boasts a wealth of varied articles written by members of our association;


    • PUBLICATIONS his books whose authors are or were members of the ASMEM. Some of these books have been reprinted.


    • An important LIBRARY, a reading room open by appointment. Each year a budget item is intended for the purchase of new books, documents or photographs.


On the other hand, the ASMEM works closely with other associations in connection with the organization of festive events (St. Barbara in Champex, Days company in Fort Cindey, etc.). She handed, a few years ago, significant MODELS at Museum in the Castle of Saint-Maurice. These models, made by some of its members, are impressive in size and quality details. Finally, our association is a member of INTERNATIONAL Fortess Council which our former president, Luc Fellay, former head of Swiss Land Forces, in the chair for 3 years and was renewed in his office at the last meeting of this association. Representative: Mr. Pascal Bruchez