Deutsche Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung (DGF)

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung (DGF)

Activities and ObjectivesFortifications, fortresses and forts are an important part of our cultural heritage. In recent years, the interest in historic fortifications has increased, and they have become generally accepted as valuable evidence of times past. This trend is also furthered by modern development concepts.The scientific research and transfer of knowledge not only include architectural history, but also economic as well as social history.Over the last decades, the DGF has taken an active part in this process by:

  • an annual specialist conference in one of the associated fortified towns,
  • study trips to locations in Germany as well as in foreign countries
  • the collection of literature, plans, maps and architectural drawings in our own archive in Juelich
  • advisory services to associations and municipalities with regard to the scientific study, conservation and restoration as well as utilisation of fortifications.

Publication Series

Festungsjournal (Journal of Fortification and Military Architecture)

This journal is published several times a year and contains information on recent developments and announcements relating to the association as well as essays/scientific articles, travel accounts, reports on study trips and reviews.

Festungsforschung (Fortification Studies)