Simon Stevin Vlaams Vestingbouwkundig Centrum

The Simon Stevin Vlaams Vestingbouwkundig Centrum is dedicated to the conservation, preservation and restoration of fortified sites (including landscaping and signage) and also the redesignation of historical fortifications like forts, ramparts, bunker lines and other types of fortification.

Specialised staff members deliver advice and are available for consultation in the area of the preservation, protection and restoration of our fortified buildings heritage.

Often we organise visits to forts and other fortifications at home and abroad. We publish the periodical « Vesting » and administer an extensive documentation centre. The Simon Stevin V.V.C. is firmly anchored via a network of local correspondents within the local authorities and the fortified heritage authorities.

The Werkgroep Moderne Fortificatie (WMF) is a section of the Simon Stevin V.V.C. which is specialised in the latest generation of fortifications like the Atlanticwall, the Maginot Line, the Westwall, the KW Line, the bunker lines from World War I a.o.

Representative: Mr. Luc Olyslager